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Elaine Navarro

Founder & Chief Awesome Officer (CAO)

Elaine is the visionary behind Just Look Left - Creative Grant Consulting. She launched the firm in July 2020 because, during a global pandemic, what could possibly be more fun than starting a business?! In all seriousness though, it was a pivotal moment that changed the entire trajectory of her career, and one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Just Look left was intended to be “just a side hustle” with the purpose of reigniting the creativity and passion that had long since left Elaine’s professional life. Not only has it fulfilled this purpose ten-fold, but it has grown into a full-service grant consulting firm with a team of incredible women behind it. Elaine is so grateful to have this opportunity and to work in partnership with truly impactful nonprofit clients.

Elaine is mother to three spirited little girls and two snoring bulldogs. Her husband Adam is around here somewhere as well. Elaine is a graduate of the University of Oregon (Go Ducks), Art Institute of Portland, and University of Denver. She is a certified grant writer and member of the Global Grant Writers Collective. In her abundance of spare time, Elaine loves devising killer wine tasting itineraries, traveling, eating all the carbs, being with her people, and going to as many concerts as possible.

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