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About Us

Here at Just Look Left - Creative Grant Consulting, we're so excited to partner with you!

Our goal is to get you to where you're going and help you build trusted partnerships along the way.

Our work is guided by core tenets which we bring to every project, no matter the size.

Transparency  |  Quality  |  Trust  |  Creativity  |  Intentionality

Researching and Writing

Our Story

Just Look Left - Creative Grant Consulting was launched in July 2020 by Elaine Navarro, Founder and CAO (that's short for Chief Awesome Officer). Thirsty for a renewed sense of purpose in her life, this leap was made possible thanks in great part to the encouragement (and endless coaxing) of her visionary husband Adam. Never in a million years did Elaine think that this "little side hustle" would ever become anything more. However, it didn't take long for her to realize that magic happens in the space where passion, skill, and creative-thinking all collide. 

Since this time, Elaine has been able to turn this side hustle into a full-time grant consulting firm, partnering with stellar clients to help make their dreams come true. And you want to know what's really cool? Just Look Left is now operated as a collective effort. We are a team of four dynamite consultants who each bring a unique and valuable perspective to this work. Hey, who ever said grant writing can't be fun?! Not us.

The (Dream) Team

Meet the women behind Just Look Left - Creative Grant Consulting

Our team is growing! And we couldn't be more excited about it. Our unique strengths offer an unmatched experience for our clients. Think of us an extension of your organization, your trusted allies, and your partners in all things development.

Meet The Team

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Elaine Navarro

Founder & Chief Awesome Officer

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Sara Parker

Lead Grant Goddess & Writer

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Bethany Wells (and Eris)

Lead Grant Manager & System Expert

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Rachel Davis

Director of Client Experience

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